Code Academy

We have been in partnership with Code Academy for years, and successfully implemented another campaign to continue the "New world" concept.

As part of the campaign, we created a fantastic world, where the teaching areas of the academy were located with their own elements and color tones. In parallel, to call the audience to travel and discover that world, we created a slogan "Discover the new world!".

We thought a symbolic element was essential for such a campaign. As a result, designed the rocket leading to the new world, which became the symbol of our campaign.

In the next stage, we created a filter so that user could discover the new world differently – by having fun. Particular elements and color tones were also placed in the filter made in the shape of the concept. Then, we adapted the campaign message to the filter like, "Discover the new world with a filter!".

As you see, we generated everything in detail, and as a result, we set the world on fire.