The communication campaign we prepared for entered the successful 360° marketing campaigns that we have implemented. is a Turkey-based online shopping site. To inform shopping lovers that it has started to serve in our country, the site wanted to achieve a powerful and attractive campaign.

We first conducted extensive market research to analyze the current state of online shopping, the problems people face, and the solutions "Brendfoni" brings to these problems. People's difficulties during shopping online for four seasons are the point in our message and approach where we set out. Here is the message: "Brendfoni: A new season of shopping - the season of comfort!"

Along with the campaign message, we made a script for the promotion video. The script expresses our message dynamically, and scenes were selected according to the seasons and the brand's iconic colors. Furthermore, we worked with an experienced and professional Turkish team to implement our idea in a short time and at the desired level. The shootings took place in Istanbul. The protagonist of our commercial was the — beloved face of the screens — Kamala Piriyeva. There was even a special jingle for the wheel.

At the next stage, the corporative stylistics, which is more modern, dynamic, and compatible with the trailer for the brand was created. At the same time, we created billboards based on this style.

To reach the target audience both, online and offline channels were actively used. We also prepared special media plans for digital and traditional channels, and all the placements were realized on the basis of that plan. In particular, we have developed TVC and KV adaptations in accordance with the requirements of various digital channels (YouTube bumper; Instagram story; monitor, etc.). In order to better convey the brand and its advantages, we communicated in a language close to the target audience. To this end, we have collaborated with various news sites and bloggers and conducted an effective influencer campaign.

In short, we worked hard as a team for the success of the project. Until the next and better ones!